Enlist A Skilled Advocate On Your Side

You may have been charged with a crime, served with a lawsuit or served with divorce papers. What is your next step? How will you protect your rights? You do not need to tackle your legal problems alone. The sooner you bring a knowledgeable lawyer on board, the better informed you will be and the more options you will have for a satisfactory resolution.

I am attorney Daniel J. Turklay and I enjoy nothing more than helping someone find the path to a right result in an important legal matter. Whatever criminal, civil or family-related legal challenge you face in Tennessee, I welcome your inquiry at the Turklay Law Office.

If we work together on your case, I pledge to communicate clearly and often. I want you to be ready to make the right decisions and take actions in your own best interests.

Aggressive And Innovative

When I represent you, you can rest assured I will push forward toward the right solutions for you. I will not let obstacles stand in our way as together we navigate the legal system in pursuit of the best attainable outcome.

You will discover the benefits of working closely and directly with a lawyer who will not give up when it comes to your freedom, your finances and your family's future. While I will guide you to the best of my ability, I will also help you understand that ultimately, you need to be ready to make the decisions that will lead you toward success. I will bring knowledge, tools and insight.

You must also bring commitment and perseverance to the table. When it is time to decide to go to trial or not, to accept a settlement or not, or to resolve your divorce through mediation or litigation, I want you to be prepared and confident.

Experience Effective Advocacy

Just as your background and perspectives are unique, so is your legal case. There are no cookie-cutter answers at the Turklay Law Office. Customized representation leads to uniquely suitable solutions. Let's get started on your case and discover the best way forward.

To schedule a consultation, call 615-647-5687 or send an email request to meet with me at your convenience. Personal injury consultations in my Nashville office are free, as are brief phone consultations on all legal matters.