Civil Litigation And Transactional Law

The Turklay Law Office in Nashville provides personalized, knowledgeable counsel in a variety of civil law matters, including:

  • Personal injury representation: Car accidents, slip-and-fall accidents, workplace accidents and medical negligence. I am Daniel J. Turklay, and I am a dedicated trial lawyer. I can help you get your medical bills paid and pursue damages against a negligent driver if warranted.
  • Breach of contract claims: Disputes between businesses and consumers or between businesses. The Turklay Law Office in Nashville represents mom and pop businesses and many other varieties of businesses in conflicts with customers and other businesses. The firm serves both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Boundary disputes and other real estate-related disputes: Conflicts between owners of neighboring properties, involving fences, property use, nuisances and more. My law firm takes a pragmatic approach in most cases. Whenever possible, I advise clients to resolve these matters peacefully and cost-effectively. However, I am prepared to represent you in court if necessary when your property rights have been violated by a neighbor. I can help you pursue or defend against an adverse possession claim. I can advocate for your rights when you are in conflict with your local government body (municipal or county government) about any legal issue involving your residential or commercial real estate.
  • Business law and litigation: Formation of limited liability companies (LLCs), dissolution of LLCs, partnership disputes, shareholder disputes and more. I can represent either side of a dispute. If I am on your side, I will work hard to support your position and help you obtain a favorable result.
  • Corporate bankruptcy: Debt relief for corporations. Learn about options for your corporation in financial dire straits.
  • Homeowners association (HOA) disputes and more: Formation, operations, takeovers, dissolution, disputes between residents and HOA management. I have in-depth experience in a full array of legal matters involving HOA boards and managers.
  • Divorce and related family law matters such as modifications of court orders.

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