Criminal Defense With An Eye On Your Future

An investigation or arrest on suspicion of criminal charges feels like a legal emergency — and with good reason. If you have been accused, investigated or arrested, you are naturally worried first of all about staying out of jail. You also may be worried about your reputation and how to pay fines, penalties, court fees and legal fees.

Worries about your freedom and your finances are natural. The riskiest aspect of a criminal arrest, however, is the damage that a conviction and a criminal record can do over time. I am criminal defense attorney Daniel J. Turklay, and I am prepared to tackle your case with an eye to mitigating all negative consequences, both short term and long term. Turn to the Turklay Law Office with confidence for skillful advocacy for your Tennessee criminal matter.

How Might A Conviction Hurt You?

Long after the urgency of the arrest has passed, you will be living with the consequences of the outcome of your criminal case. With a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record, you may encounter obstacles affecting your:

  • Career
  • Creditworthiness
  • Ability to live wherever you want
  • Ability to work near children
  • Ability to own and carry firearms
  • Ability to travel freely to other countries
  • Ability to choose your own path in many areas of your life

The specifics of your case may determine which hurdles you face, but with any criminal conviction, there will be fallout. Avoiding a conviction if possible is the most important goal when you are a suspect. Your constitutional rights are worth fighting for.

For Your Own Sake, Seek Legal Counsel Without Delay

You can take back the reins of your life by being proactive and zealous after you have been charged with:

Please talk to an experienced lawyer as soon as you can after a DUI arrest or any criminal arrest. Even if you are only aware of accusations or an investigation, a skilled defense attorney may be able to prevent charges from being filed.

The Turklay Law Office Is Ready To Help

At this law firm, facts matter — and your overall well-being also matters. I handle many criminal matters on a flat fee basis so clients will not worry about hourly charges for staying in close touch with me throughout a case. If you decide to work with me as your defense lawyer, I will begin gathering information and analyzing every detail. You and I will work closely in developing an effective strategy aimed at achieving the best attainable outcome. Call 615-647-5687 or send an email inquiry through this website to request a consultation at my Nashville law office, at the jailhouse or wherever you need to meet with me.