Domestic Violence Accusations? 5 Things To Keep In Mind.

Contact a lawyer to learn how to protect your rights and interests if you have been charged with the crime of domestic violence. Consider the following key areas of concern if you have been accused of family assault, named in a restraining order or arrested.

1. Your rights to go about your everyday business may be impaired.

You may lose access to your home, your possessions inside your home and your children. Life can become burdensome on many levels. Regaining the right to go home and see your children are likely your most immediate concerns.

2. Even if your spouse, girlfriend or another complaining witness recants, the case is now between the state and you — not between that person and you.

Perhaps a call went to the police in a moment of anger, when you lost control. Even if you did not hit her or him — but perhaps threw an object or threatened to cause harm — the other person's accusations may be enough to trigger an arrest. Words of regret will not be enough to stop the criminal matter.

3. Any domestic violence record can affect your child custody rights, if applicable.

While your case is pending — and definitely if you are convicted of domestic violence — your standing in a child custody case may be at risk. Even if you have custody or visitation rights, the other parent may seek a modification based on your recent alleged act of assault or menacing threats.

4. The sooner you clear your name, the more freely you can go on with your life.

A domestic violence accusation, charges and an arrest can make it difficult or impossible to resolve other essential matters such as completing a divorce without complications. In certain occupations such as child care or care for elderly people, even an accusation is enough to make you lose your job temporarily or permanently. An aggressive defense of your name and your record is worth all your best efforts.

5. If you are convicted, you may face harsh penalties. You may be banned from your home, lose your job, go to jail and be required to pay high fines and penalties. You may be required to complete anger management training in order to see your children. A criminal record will inevitably cause trouble in many areas of life.

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