DUI Defense For First-Time Or Repeat Offense Cases

A drunk driving arrest is a scary experience for anyone. At this time, you are naturally worried about:

  • Staying out of jail
  • Keeping your driving privileges
  • Avoiding costly fines, fees and penalties

A DUI case poses challenges in two aspects: your driving privileges, governed by the Tennessee Department of Safety (DOS) aspect, and your criminal record. The DOS will determine whether you keep or recover your driver's license. A local, county or state court where you were arrested will determine your punishments if convicted. The final verdict will determine whether you end up with a misdemeanor or felony on your record.

Request A Hearing With The DOS To Fight To Keep Your Driver's License

Losing one's driver's license is a harsh penalty for most people. As soon as possible after your arrest, you will need to request a DOS hearing where an officer will decide what will happen with your driving privileges.

  • Your license may be suspended.
  • If this is a repeat offense, your license may be revoked.
  • You may be allowed to keep your license with restrictions such as where you can drive and whether you must have an interlock device installed.

Get Qualified Defense Before A Criminal Court To Protect Your Constitutional Rights

While you work with the DOS to keep your driving privileges, you also need to address the criminal charges against you. Threats to your status as a driver are bad enough, but a guilty verdict in a criminal court will be even more consequential. Facing a prosecutor, judge and/or jury is frightening — and can result in life-changing outcomes.

Many DUI defendants have never had experience with the criminal justice system. If you are convicted, you will have a misdemeanor or felony on your record. This can have many damaging consequences. For example, a DUI conviction is bound to raise your auto insurance — and your insurer may even cancel your policy. You may have trouble finding or keeping a job in your chosen field. You may be ineligible for any career requiring driving.

For All These Reasons, Work Closely With An Experienced Defense Attorney

Working one-on-one with a dedicated defense lawyer can go a long way toward alleviating your fears as you fight for your rights and privileges after a DUI arrest. I am Daniel J. Turklay, an aggressive, innovative and effective defense lawyer. I can advise you through all aspects and phases of your DUI defense case.

Turn To A Trusted Defense Law Practice

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