Protect Your Future After A Drug Crime Arrest

How can you best protect yourself after being charged with a drug crime such as the following?

  • Possession of marijuana
  • Possession of controlled substances, including opioids like cocaine and prescription narcotics (OxyContin and others)
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Manufacture of methamphetamines (meth lab operations)
  • Cultivation of marijuana
  • Manufacture of drugs such as crack cocaine or ecstasy
  • Distribution of illegal drugs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Possession with intent to distribute

Whatever charges you face, please know that you are not alone. Drug crime charges affect people of all walks of life and through a myriad of circumstances.

You may have been falsely accused. You may have gotten caught up in a drug crime situation through your social circle. You may have been feeding a drug dependency. Someone may have set you up to be caught and accused as part of their own escape from blame through a plea bargain. You may have learned you have been targeted in an investigation, but you have not been charged yet.

However this has happened in your life, you can best protect your rights and your future by:

  • Contacting a lawyer as soon as possible
  • Not giving statements or interviews to investigators or law enforcement without legal counsel
  • Not discussing the details of your case with anyone other than your attorney
  • Working closely with your attorney to plan and carry out an effective defense strategy

Aggressive For My Clients — Innovative, Discovering And Implementing Effective Legal Strategies

I am defense attorney Daniel J. Turklay in Nashville, and I have the skills necessary to help you through this difficult challenge. I welcome the opportunity to discuss your options with you and explain how my law firm is designed to protect your interests. Benefits of working with me on your criminal matter include:

  • As a sole practitioner, I will be working solely for you. There are no layers of bureaucracy between you and the legal counsel you need.
  • In many cases, I offer flat fee representation. This can take a load off your mind as you will not worry about hourly fees. (Every case is unique and for some, I do charge hourly rates, but at all times, I keep the client's bottom line and case outcome front and center).
  • I will work hard to educate you and keep you informed about the progress of your case. When you need to make decisions — such as whether to go to trial or accept a plea agreement — you will be well prepared.

In a nutshell, I want you to become an expert on your own legal matter. When the case is completed, you will live with the outcome. This is why it is essential that we work closely together with one objective: to ensure you emerge with the best attainable results your case will allow.

Remember: Preventing A Criminal Record Is A Worthwhile Goal!

I am here to help you protect your rights and interests after a drug crime arrest. I am an experienced Tennessee defense lawyer with a strong track record. Let's talk about the best way forward in your case, starting right away. Schedule an initial consultation at the Turklay Law Office through this website or by phone at 615-647-5687.