Family Law Representation You Can Count On

As you approach a divorce or child custody dispute in the Nashville, Tennessee, area, you naturally wonder about the best way to proceed. You may lose sleep as you struggle with critical questions.

  • How will you get to the other side of this legal matter cost-effectively, with your assets and rights well-protected?
  • Can the two of you avoid the aggravation and uncertainty of a contested divorce?
  • Will you be able to work together productively for the sake of the children? Will the two of you be able to devise a workable parenting time arrangement with your children's interests first?
  • Will your spouse cooperate well enough to bring about an affordable uncontested divorce — or to resolve your differences through divorce mediation?
  • Will you have to do battle with your former life partner to protect your interests?

The Importance Of A Strong Advocate On Your Side

A lawyer who is ready to consider the unique aspects of your divorce can help you answer these questions. With clear information and communications, you will be prepared to go through the necessary processes efficiently. An early, frank conversation with an experienced divorce lawyer can go a long way toward helping you feel prepared for the next steps. You can start the legal processes confident and ready to ahead through the divorce and on to a new chapter in your life.

I am family law attorney Daniel J. Turklay in Nashville, and I am confident I can help you find the resolutions you seek. I realize you need to move forward efficiently and effectively, regardless of your spouse's level of cooperation. I will help ensure that you take account of all assets and other essential aspects of your family law matter.

The Way Forward

Work directly with me, an attorney who is fully there for you. If I am your divorce lawyer, I will help you deal with any unexpected twists and turns without fear. If you need a protective order, a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) or spousal support, I can address those issues quickly and effectively. If you are a dad seeking equal consideration for custody, I can advocate for you. I represent husbands and wives, mothers and fathers. I can advise on grandparents' rights, paternity actions and other family law matters pertaining to your divorce or other concerns.

Get Answers And Help For Your Legal Matter

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