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How the prosecutor can accuse you of intending to sell meth

In the last couple of years, Tennessee law enforcement has been heavily cracking down on meth users and distributors. The difference between the two is astronomical when it comes to court charges. A conviction for intent to distribute meth means you could receive more years in prison and owe much more money in fines than the charges that come with just purchase or possession.

As Tennessee prosecutors are now more experienced than ever when it comes to drug courts, they do not need your admission or a list of all your buyers to accuse you of intending to sell your drugs to others. They can rely on the following factors to prove to the court that you were planning on distributing meth:

The drug’s weight

The amount of meth you have in your possession often determines what felony you would receive charges for. The minimal punishments usually require you to have less than 0.5 grams of meth on you.

If the authorities find an excessive amount within your house, car or wherever you were holding it and can use it as evidence, then the prosecutor can have reason to believe you were planning on selling it. For example, 2 men plead guilty last week to a meth distribution operation between Tennessee and North Carolina after officials found nearly 200 grams on hold. It can be difficult to make the court believe that you were just planning on using that amount on yourself.

Distribution equipment

Meth labs are common evidence that prosecutors can use to prove distribution. Earlier this year, four young adults in Martin received various charges for manufacturing meth after the police found various substances and equipment in their vicinity. This included an active pot bottle, lye, sulfuric acid, plastic tubing, and digital scales to name a few.

Drug manufacturing has separate charges from drug distribution, but prosecutors often find a way to connect the two. If you have digital scales, they could argue that you use it to measure the right amount before selling it to someone. Having several small bags to place all the meth in could be interpreted as having multiple customers to distribute to. Authorities could also find potential written evidence of your process and past transactions which could potentially ruin your case.

Preparing your defense

If the prosecution has sufficient evidence that you were intending to distribute meth, you could be facing additional charges that add potential decades to your prison sentence and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.

To decrease the chances of this happening, you need to seek the assistance of an effective defense attorney and be specific with them on anything the prosecution could use against you. This allows them to be more prepared to counter against the prosecution’s accusations and can minimize or erase potential devastating convictions.

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