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What consequences will you face for a DUI conviction?

As the winter holidays inch nearer, everyone needs to be more aware of driving after drinking. It is easy to drink in excess, especially when you are around friends an family. However, driving home after a gathering can have serious consequences for you, as well as other drivers on the road.

There were over 70,000 fatalities  due to alcohol-related circumstances in recent years, which is why the consequences for a DUI conviction are so severe. What penalties may you face for a first-offence charge of driving under the influence?

First-offense DUI penalties

If the police pull you over and discover that you have a blood alcohol content over .08 percent, you can face these penalties:

  • Jail time: Minimum of 48 hours, maximum of 11 months and 29 days.
  • Fine: $350-$1,500
  • License revocation: One year
  • Ignition interlock Device
  • Alcohol treatment/education program

Further penalties

Even if it is your first time driving under the influence, if you were doing any of the following, you may face more extreme penalties.

  • Child endangerment: Drunk driving with a child under 18 years old
  • Vehicular assault: Injuring another person when crashing with alcohol impairment
  • Vehicular homicide: Killing another person when crashing with alcohol impairment
  • High BAC: Blood alcohol content of .20 percent or more

The penalties for drinking and driving are serious, as it causes many fatalities and danger to both the driver as well as anyone else on the road. Stay safe this holiday season by calling a cab, having a friend drive you, or taking an Uber home after drinking.

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